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November 15, 2021

America is a great country ordained by God, and even though men fail, God doesn’t. He ordained America and purposely allowed Black people to be brought here. It is serving His purpose and plan, which has always been that He would bring deliverance in due season. That time has come. God has heard the cries of His hurting people and is yet making provisions to recompense them.

My desire is to bring clarity to issues that have been cloaked in mystery in order to provide understanding that will bring hope and build up our nation rather than divide it. One vital way to do this is to reach the youth in our cities. We must build positive communities that are encouraged to grow and be filled with youth that have received knowledge and understanding of their biblical history. This knowledge will in turn bring about a sense of pride and respect for themselves and others, focusing on the potential in individuals, stressing a complete makeover: intellectually, morally, and spiritually. Moreover, I wish that this knowledge inspires and challenges all young people. God’s promises are sure and all the prophets of old pointed to the day when God would fulfill His promise to restore all that was taken away from His Black people.