About the Book

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“Many questions are now being addressed biblically to bring light and restore dignity to young Black people who need to truly understand who they are. Having knowledge and understanding can change the percentages in favor  of our youth, so it will be worth every effort.”
–The Big Question, Why?

In The Big Question, Why? I Have Heard the Cries of My People, Dr. Mann Ewing shines some light on some important questions and concerns young Black people have about themselves and their powerful history and legacy that were stripped away and became cloaked in mystery. The book was birthed out of the author’s own heart and search for identity, asking, Why? She then later realized it was a prominent question on the hearts of the Black community without real answers: 

“After finding the answers I was so desperately searching for, I also realized that Black people are coming into a time of restoration after a long history of oppression and injustice. God has said, ‘I have heard the cries of my people—people who are hurting because of their severe oppression and unjust treatment. Now I am turning things around.’

Although we cannot ignore the tragedy of the past that has carried over into the present, we can use it to our advantage and begin to rebuild the present and future for the next generation.”